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Media Coaching Services 

If you're ready to present a more professional image on-screen, you've come to the right place. Using everything I've learned throughout my TV career, I'll give you tailored coaching that empowers you to communicate more effectively and feel more confident in front of a camera.

Training covers everything from strategy and message development to techniques to effectively master and deliver content. I will walk you through the steps to learn the world of digital & social media, to help increase your confidence, branding and marketing.  

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One on One 


Team Based Coaching

(Both Live and Virtual)

   Coaching Includes:

  • Self-Awareness - How to master body language, facial expressions and mannerisms.

  • The Art Of Messaging  - How to create a compelling message through storytelling. 

  • First Impressions - Presenting a professional image in a video, webinar, Podcast or interview.

  • Mastering Your Comfort on Camera - How to develop your on-camera confidence.

  • Effective Communication  - How to develop a clear, concise, and professional message.

  • Communication for Business & Sales - How to effectively communicate a polished sales presentation

  • The 1/2/5 minute pitch - Learn the Art of having a concise and impactful message 

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing - How to use todays virtual world to brand & grow your business or non-profit organization

  • Virtual Meetings & Webinars - Tips to help you stand out during virtual meetings.

  • Proper Posture and Attire - What to wear and where to sit or stand when filming.

  • Proper Equipment - What is the right audio and video equipment for home, studio, field shoots or Podcasts.

  • Preparation & Training Techniques - Rehearsing your presentation 

  • Public Speaking - How to effectively engage with your audience or media

  • Interviewing Skills for Hosts - How to bring out the best from your guests

  • Coaching For Music Industry Professionals - Learn how to engage with the media

  • Outreach Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations - How to increase your visibility, membership & funding

"Everything I teach is based on proven techniques that I have used throughout my career. Each and every method will help you speak confidently and comfortably on a variety of platforms, from podcasts and live events to network TV and video marketing"


 Media Coaching is tailored to each clients specific needs & objectives 

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Paper Abstract

Additional Services & Consulting

Corporate Speaker

"Digital Communication Strategies for

Todays Business World"

Presentation length tailored to fit your audience  

Online Video Workshop

 If you don't have time for a Private Media Coach you still need to learn how to present a confident and professional image on camera. Let me show you my best Tips, Techniques and Lessons, for becoming a more confident and polished presenter and speaker.  

Media  Production

  • TV / Video / Podcast

  • Production Consultant & Producer

  • Writing / Producing / Directing / Hosting

  • Corporate Videos / Training Videos

  • Complete assistance developing your own video streaming show or Podcast

Corporate Workshops

Team training / Virtual and In Person training for your conference or workshop

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