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You Can Achieve Amazing Results Using My Proven Techniques!

Let me show you the techniques I have learned, to help you become more confident and ready for any media platform; Including Network TV, Presentations, Podcasts, public speaking or video marketing. 

Amy's New Book
Media Coaching For Professionals 

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In This Book, I Will Show You Tips and Techniques to help you become a more confident speaker and present a professional image...

Topics Include

  • ​ Today's Virtual World 

  •  Discovery 

  •  Self Awareness

  •  Your Resting Face

  •  Body Language

  •  Creating Positive First Impressions

  •  The Art of Messaging / Storytelling

  •  The 1/5/10 minute pitch

  •  Proper posture and attire

  •  Proper Video & Audio Equipment 

  •  Mastering your comfort on camera

  •  Preparation & Training

  •  Putting it all together

In today’s virtual world, effective communication is critical for getting your message delivered, for public speaking, digital marketing, client relations or  branding.

"Media Training for Professionals" 

New On Line Video Training Course 

If you're an entrepreneur, business professional or corporate executive, then one of your biggest struggles is feeling comfortable on camera.

This course solves that problem...

Amy will walk you through the steps to master the world of digital media by becoming a more confident and polished presenter and speaker. 

Media Training For Professionals

Video Course  


  • Self-Awareness - How to master body language, facial expressions and mannerisms.

  • The Art Of Messaging  - It can be storytelling, educational or emotional.

  • The Importance Of First Impressions - How to present a professional image in a video, webinar or interview.

  • Virtual Meetings And Webinars - Tips to help you stand out during virtual meetings.

  • Mastering Your Comfort on Camera - How to develop your on camera confidence.

  • Proper Posture and Attire - What to wear and where to sit or stand when filming.

  • Proper Equipment - What is the right audio and video equipment for home, studio or field shoots.

  • Creating New Levels Of Communicating - How to develop a clear, concise, and professional message.

  • Preparation & Training / Putting It All Together -

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