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Top Media Coach Launches Podcast With Candid Entrepreneur Interviews

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Tune into Amy Scruggs In The Spotlight' to learn from some of the country's top entrepreneurs! Check out Amy Scruggs Media's website to listen today!

Do you want to jump into the world of business, but don’t know where to start? Join me in my new podcast, Amy Scruggs in the Spotlight’, and learn from the very best so that you, too, can shine your light into the world.

In each episode, I interview a different guest and discuss their career and achievements. From candid interviews with top entrepreneurs to serious discussions with industry game changers, I reveal little-known insights on how to start a successful career. Go to to find out more! And trust me: I speak from experience. Everything I am today is the result of my hard work, curiosity, and intuition. You wouldn’t believe my resume. I started out as a singer then went to become a career development coach for media and communications professionals. I gained success teaching business executives how to speak in public and on camera. In the middle of all that, I even wrote a book on navigating a career in media entitled, 'Lights Camera Action.’

Despite what other people say, no one’s career path is ever set in stone. It definitely wasn’t a straight line for mine. Yet, I am now doing something I love and earning well to pursue my passions. I want to share my story, and that of other successful business people, in my new podcast – and would love for you to join this wonderful community of successful businesspeople living their best lives.

In my first episode, I interview Hilary Gadsby and Wendi Boyden, the creators of a networking platform for female entrepreneurs called Boss Talks. We talk about their unique journey to success and how the Boss Talks platform is empowering other women. You can also tune into my interview with David Meltzer, the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency. In this interview, Meltzer discusses his amazing goal to help over 1 billion people be happy. Other guests include business owner Michael Holmes and musician DJ Sammy T aka Shoebox Moses.

My podcast is available on popular streaming services like PodBean, Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

"Amy Scruggs in the Spotlight’ is my commitment to you to lend a helping hand for all your entrepreneurial aspirations. My goal is to inspire you to build a career that you love. We never talk ‘jobs’ here – we talk about an income-generating lifestyle.


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